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nMile today released Podium.io, a new way to control your mobile applications. Podium is a mobile app cloud-based content management system designed to be easy to integrate into mobile applications for businesses and events. Once Podium-enabled, a user can control their application via a flexible and intuitive user interface with the ability to update content on-the-fly instead of communicating their needs to a developer and then waiting for app store approvals.

Podium provides a clean, simple, and straightforward method for developers to integrate the REST API into mobile applications, set up initial data, then turn over the controls to their client for future updates. The platform also includes a partner program, paying 20% for live applications paid for by their clients. Podium is currently accepting sign-ups for a limited private beta (www.podium.io).

Podium has a number of features, including:

  • Real-Time Content Updates: Update content via your Podium account, and it becomes available for your app immediately.

  • Location-Enabled: Your business has multiple locations? No problem, store your addresses/coordinates in Podium so users can find you!

  • Event Management: List upcoming events, including their location and details using the Podium cloud cms, and keep your customers in the loop!

  • Data  Storage: Create your own custom database in the cloud for your mobile app. Manage custom content that would otherwise be difficult to handle.

  • Analytics: Track what how much usage your app is getting, devices your users are using, and more!

  • Notifications: Send updates via your app and keep connected with your customers!

Podium is open to any and all developers wishing to expand their current offering to provide a cloud-based cms for their client’s mobile apps. This allows developers the opportunity to create additional monthly revenue streams while cutting back on inefficient content updates for clients, allowing them to focus on building successful mobile applications.


Want to get started with Podium? Sign up for early access to our limited private beta: www.podium.io/reg.

About nMile

nMile is a privately held development company located in Western Kansas focused on creating powerful cloud-based products to make people’s lives more efficient. Podium was designed to give mobile developers an easy to use back-end to integrate with the social, event, and enterprise apps they build for clients, while providing their clients with an intuitive front-end to easily update content on the app. To learn more about nMile, visit www.nmile.com.

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