Podium Core Concepts

Podium nomenclature tries to be intuitive. However, if you are not familiar with each component, it may be confusing. This post attempts to clarify what each component is, what it can do, and what it may be used for.   What

Styles Dance Centre Uses Podium.io to Keep in Touch with Dancers and Parents

Dance studios have a need to keep in constant contact with their customers. Schedule changes, product ordering deadlines, and upcoming events are all things that dancers and their parents must be aware of as soon as possible to keep classes,

Free Basic Account While In Beta

Podium has just been released in beta, that means you get to use it for free! Go on, build your apps, control them, list them on the app stores! All will be free while Podium is in Beta and you

What is Podium, anyway?

Put simply, Podium is a content management system (CMS) for mobile and web applications. But it could also be used as a simple back-end for apps. Podium is not a drag-and-drop development tool, it is meant for developers who are

Hello, Podium.

nMile today released Podium.io, a new way to control your mobile applications. Podium is a mobile app cloud-based content management system designed to be easy to integrate into mobile applications for businesses and events. Once Podium-enabled, a user can control